Customer Feedback

Hi Doug,

Thanks for a great CCW2 course yesterday! Your teaching style is very
effective, being highly professional but with a touch of humor. I really
learned a lot and the opportunity for some one-on-one instruction was a big
plus. The way you used the range to simulate various defensive scenarios
was about as close to the real world as you could possibly get. The things
I learned will give me a lot more confidence as I carry.

By the way, I really like the 9mm Winchester Train ammo you sold me. After
almost 3 boxes, not a single FTF or FTE. When I cleaned my gun last night I
couldn’t believe how clean it was. This has got to be the cleanest ammo I
have ever used.

Thanks again,


Hi Doug,

Thank you so much for the class last Sunday. It was very informative and
educational, but also quite entertaining and fun. It is so important to
incorporate all these components for the class to be effective and you guys
have done a superb job. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone seeking
fire arms training and instruction for any reason.

I will be seeing you on most Tuesdays for my range practice.

Kris Z. Nocula

Hi Doug,
I came in yesterday to your shop. I was the diabetic, who needed the
snickers. I wanted to thank you for your kindness and understanding. I
emailed you mid April, asking about the silver bear 7.62x54r. Thank you for
having it on hand. In Illinois, I have no way of getting it other than
through Internet order. Your shop, was extremely nice and had I not been in
“trouble,” I would have spent much more time. I would love to buy more from
you, as you have shown more kindness than any store I’ve seen. Being a
diabetic, is frowned upon, and I have been discriminated against by hunting
outfitters, because of this. I just wanted to send you an extended thanks
from my wife and myself. I pray for your extended success and hope you can
expand into many locations.

Thanks for everything,
Dustin Wilburn

I wanted to thank you guys for having a wonderful range and a full line of
services. Your price on my Crimson Trace was roughly the same as Amazon,
and you even put it on for me. I have dealt with gun stores that tried to
make me feel stupid (not that I need that much help), and I never feel that
way in Ammo Alley.
Even though I am only in the area every so often, I am going to obtain a
membership because this area really needs to support a gun club that
emphasizes safety and training.
Thanks so much for going out of your way to be the best place a person can
go to train with their firearm.


Anthony L. DeWitt
Jefferson City, Mo.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doug, I want to thank you for a very informative and “entertaining” CCW class. You guys made the day fly by. I will be looking for a semi-auto pistol and will come to see you one of these Saturdays. Also, I wanted to know which book(s) and DVD’s you recommend to help me hone my handgun shooting skills.

Again, thanks.

Bob S

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wow! What great customer service. You are awesome. Yours is the only company that circled back with me and I bet I have this ammo back ordered with at least 20 companies. I did find some ammo after looking for over a year, so I am fine. It is a shame that brass and ammo for this great round is so difficult to find. You can cancel the order, but I will keep Ammo Alley top of mind for any other ammo needs. Thank you again! Happy shooting.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Ammo Alley,

I recently received my order and I wanted to thank you for your openness of keeping me informed with the short supply. I had a hard time understanding why that would be the case. But after you took the time to explain the current situation and how the production of ammunition works it sure cast a better light. I just wanted to thank you for the great service and taking the extra time to keep me informed. That really puts you folks heads and shoulders above some of those “other” sites in my eyes. I will definitely be ordering from your site next time I need something.

Thank you,
Chuck T.
Houston, TX

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I greatly appreciate the quick and timely response, and requested information included. Just a thought… maybe, to improve your already excellent service… you could integrate an automatically generated email sent to the customer’s email address containing important information, like the order #, and order tracking number, etc. Please don’t think that I’m bashing Ammo Alley in any way, just simply trying to give constructive criticism on how to possibly enhance your service and mitigate customer service requests, reducing overall work and costs to you, while making your customers more informed/happy. Again, thank you for your extra attention to my order, and post-order request for information. As per my great experience in dealing with Ammo Alley, in the future, I will look first to Ammo Alley for all of my firearm and ammunition needs. My experience with you has been MUCH, MUCH more pleasant than my experiences in dealing with tgscom (the gun,, etc.). Please let me know if you come across any extended/high capacity magazines for my Walther P22. I have only been able to find a modified magazine “follower”, which disables the slide-lock after the last round is fired. Obviously, in a tactical situation, this would not be practical/desirable. I am looking for some sort of an over all extended length clip. An extended basepad would do the same as the follower, so, for the P22, the whole clip needs to be physically longer. I appreciate your time and effort in this matter. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

-Reese Podwys

Recieved 4/6/09

Perfect!! Thanks for your immediate responses!! This is the best customer service I have had. I currently do most of my ammo purchases from SportsmanGuide, and they never let me know what is going on I purchased 25-20 ammo from them with a week later ship date after that week passed I found it was backordered and I e-mailed them 4 times and I got nothing back. I will be switching my buying to you folks!! Thanks you!

Recieved 11/4/08

Ammo Alley,
I just wanted to say thanks for the quick shipping on the CZ scope rings, they arrived in great shape within four days to Hawaii, and that is something just short of a miracle. For such a hard to find part, the price was very reasonable. I hope to do business with you again. Thanks again,
John Koch

Recieved 3/3/08

Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone there at your shop. I took your CCW course in march, and honestly i think all gun owners should take this course regardless if they plan to carry or not. There was alot of Need To Know information period. I look at as point blank info you gotta have…


Recieved 1/22/07

I just finished taking your CCW course on Sunday.  I just want to again thank you and your employees for the outstanding job in the way the class was presented.  You all are great and it was a pleasure to get to know each of you.  I will highly recommend your CCW course to anyone who may be interested in obtaining CCW.  Thanks again for a great, funny, fun filled day.

George Adkison

Recieved 10/19/06

Hi, this is Dwayne Kauffman, I took a concealed course you gave on August 28/29, I learned/enjoyed so much I told a number of people of my experience and that they should look into it. At that time you mentioned an advanced firearms course. I would like some more info on that as to when it’s offered and what is involved. You impressed me with your knowledge,safety and experience that I figured that you would be the right one for me to learn from.
p.s. I stopped in a few days ago and after bending Steves ear a while I took his advise on a Bianchi holster… it

Recieved 3/2/06

Ammo Alley – Hartsburg Missouri! What a Gunshop should be!


I stopped in yesterday with my wife to meet a friend who was driving down from KC.

Ended up sitting and talking to one of you there (Didn’t get a name) and was very impressed.

I am the Chief Administrator for a large Firearms Forum called WarRifles, and I decided to give you guys a review on my Board!

Just a thanks for the kind service and the cool “Redneck Special Forces” T-Shirt I purchased!

Least I can do is let my 9,300 Members know who you are and to stop in if they are in your neck of the woods!

Again, thanks for the warm welcome and making me feel at home there!

Michael (Mr. Smith on WarRifles)

(We impressed him so much that he even put a link to our store on his site – thanks! D. Alley)

Recieved 1/31/06


Just wanted to let you know the speed loaders you recommended work great. The rounds line up and slip right in to my Taurus Tracker just right.  You were right about the bore snake too, that puppy works great!  Glad I got it.

You have a great store down there and I’m glad I came in.  Yours was the only place I’ve found in three months of looking that carried Remington 125grain .357Magnum hollow points, BTW.

Thanks again, and I’ll be down your way again for sure (my brother-in-law’s birthday is coming up and I’m thinking I’ll get him a
bore snake for his 45).

-T.Mike Curry

Received 03/29/05

I recently placed an order your company and I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I was with the experience. I am so glad I came across your site and became acquainted with you business. Your people that answered my e-mail messages and the people on the phones where very informative, and really knew what they where talking about. I have shopped a lot of on line sites, but your’s have the rare combination of good prices and someone on the other end that knows what hunting and shooting is all about.
I will most definitely keep your site as a favorite, and look you up for my next purchase. Thank you again!

Ron Martin
Oklahoma City, OK

Recieved: 02/25/05

Doug and Ammo Alley Staff,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Concealed Carry class I attended on 12 Feb 05.  The instructors, Steve and Les, were great.  The information was easy to understand and very helpful, and the range and classroom facilities were excellent.

But, maybe the thing that I most enjoyed was the comfortable atmosphere of being around people that enjoy guns, shooting and hunting as much as I do.  Thanks to all for a job well done.

Dan Lepper

Eugene, MO

Recieved: 04/30/04


I thought I’d just say that I really enjoyed the Concealed Carry Class a couple weeks back. I’ve been a firearms instructor for many years but just didn’t have the legal part of the requirement for the permit so I took your course. It was really good for refresher training and, as always, I even learned a thing or two. Your instructors were top notch.

Pat “Mack” McCormick

Recieved: 04/30/04


I just had to tell you how pleased I have been with my experience as an Ammo Alley customer. In recent past weeks I’ve visited Ammo Alley several times and have always been greated in a very professional, friendly manner. I’ve purchased a new Semi-Automatic handgun from you and this past weekend 4/24/04 attended your CCW Class. I’ve also utilized your shooting range. All of these have been great experiences! When shopping for my handgun I was allowed to handle as many as I wanted until I found one that fit me, something I strongly believe in is how a weapon fits. Steve, Les and the rest of your staff have all been great to work with, they serve you well! Just thought you should know!

Thanks Again for everything!


Rod Luck-Osage County, Linn, Missouri 65051

Recieved: 04/08/04


Sorry I didn’t write you earlier. My gun arrived safely and I am very happy with it. Pleasure doing business with you.



Recieved: 11/26/03


I’ve just concluded some business (over the phone) with Ammo Alley. Wow, what a pleasant experience! I dealt with Gary, and he really knows the meaning of the term “customer service”. I was ordering some Millett scope rings that were somewhat obscure (BN00010). I explained that I had just had a bad experience trying to order these same rings over the internet from another company. I ordered from them over a month ago and had received an email at that time saying that they were out of stock, but that they would be in in 3 – 4 weeks and delivered to me at that time. After over a month with no word, I called and was told they didn’t know when they would be in. I asked if someone would make a call to find out? The store manager told me they had better things to do than that. I’d just have to wait till whenever they got in, and if I didn’t like that I could go somewhere else. Well, I found your internet site and called Gary. He was extremely helpful. He even called to verify that what I wanted was available and called me back. Needless to say, I made my purchase from him immediately. The cherry on top is that your price, including shipping, is less than these other knuckleheads wanted for just the rings. I e-mailed them back to cancel my order and to tell them I would be sure to spread their lack of service on every hunting and shooting discussion board I frequent (which is more than a handful, I assure you). Ammo Alley’s praise will be sung just as loudly. To tell you the truth, I would have bought those rings from Gary even if they had been higher priced, simply because of the service, but when you factor in the price, you just made yourself a loyal customer. Please do a thing or two for me: First, work on that web site – the folks on the discussion boards are going to want to see prices when they order from you. Second, recognize what an asset Gary is to you. Third, get me a catalog! Even something run off on a copier would be fine. I’m always buying something gun related, and I’d like to send some more business your way. Sure, something always tastes sweeter right after you’ve had something bitter in your mouth, but I’ll remember dealing with Gary for some time.

Thanks for making me a happy customer!

Paul Ramsey