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Located just minutes from Missouri's beautiful capital city, Shooter's Alley Indoor Shooting Range is a free-standing building housing the most state-of-the-art target system. It's unparalleled in its flexibility and versatility. Shooters can manipulate the targets using a simple electronic-controlled system to set fixed-distance shooting and retrieval in a climate controlled facility for comfort. This will give every shooter the best environment possible.

Who uses Shooters Alley?

Just as in any other popular sport, you will find virtually all types of people at our shooting range. Our membership covers just about any occupation you can name, from craftsman to professional. We are also fortunate to have may women involved in our shooting programs. It is not unusual to find husbands and wives and families participating in our shooting activities. All of the people at our competitions are believers in safe gun handling and in good sportsmanship. You will also find that most shooters are pleased to give you a hand in getting started. Come on in and join them!

Shooters Alley Offers:

Range usage fees:

Be sure to check Upcoming Events for competitions and shooting matches.

Range Hours: 10:00 - 8:00 pm. Reservations required after 6:00pm.

Available Firearms Programs

Family Firearms Safety Program

The Family Firearms Safety Program teaches children what to do if and when they encounter a firearm. This program was specifically designed for young children and was developed through the combined efforts of such qualified professionals as clinical psychologists, reading specialists, teachers, curriculum specialists, urban housing safety officials, and law enforcement personnel.

First Shots

First Shots provides opportunities for newcomers to give handgun shooting a try. Through partnership with National Shooting Sports Foundation, First Shots participants receive a comprehensive introduction to handgun shooting that includes safety, local ownership requirements, shooting fundamentals, hands-on instruction and how to continue enjoying this sport.

Jr. Marksmanship Challenge

This youth .22 rifle shooting match is open to junior shooters 6 to 16 years old. Through partnership with National Shooting Sports Foundation, Jr. Marksmanship Challenge participants are introduced into 3 position shooting and the shooting sports as a whole. This shooting match is just for fun, and is designed to educate and enlighten youths about respect, responsibility and safety of sport shooting

First Shots 2nd Round


Through an exclusive program with National Shooting Sports Foundation, First Shots 2nd Round provides opportunities for newcomers to give handgun shooting a try and explore a new sport. Through our partnership with NSSF, First Shots participants receive a comprehensive introduction to handgun shooting that includes safety, local ownership requirements, shooting fundamentals, hands-on instruction and how and where to continue. Shooting activities are enjoyed by all kinds of people, gentlemen, ladies, craftsman to the professional. See how you too can start to enjoy an activity that millions have enjoyed for centuries.

Try-A-Gun Class: NSSF sponsored

The NSSF sponsored Rim fire to Center Fire Caliber Try-A-Gun Class will give the novice shooter the chance to spend a few hours practicing the shooting fundamentals with a wide range of center fire calibers and firearms. The issue we see too often today is a novice shooter taking someone else's advice on what to purchase for the student's own defensive or competition firearm. This will be a four hour block of training that will provide a shooter with a safe environment to ask questions and develop a comfort level with center fire or defensive caliber firearms.

With this class the shooter will be able to experience the following:

Class size it limited to 20 students. The classes run from 08:00 am to noon with pre-registration required and check-in 15 minutes prior to class start. All equipment is supplied; the student does not need to supply anything.

Practical Pistol

Beginning practical pistol class. This is a fun, relaxed class designed to introduce you to to practical shooting. This is not a tactical class. This class assumes you have the basic skills of pistol handling.

Intermediate Practical Pistol

This class will take you to the next level. Class is offered once a quarter. This is a four hour class. Practical pistol shooting is both exciting and challenging, as well as being one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the united States. Courses of fire utilize many aspects not found in other disciplines.

Missouri's Concealed Carry Firearms Safety Training Course

Shooters Alley is here to provide the citizens of Missouri with the knowledge and required training to obtain your concealed carry permit. Our eight hour CCW course meets, and even exceeds, the requirements stated in Missouri's law. You will cover topics from basic safety, general firearms and ammunition knowledge, through advanced marksmanship skills. We lead you through the aspects of Missouri's laws pertaining to carrying concealed, as well as the justified use of force. Your personal protection is utmost in our mind. Therefore, as an added feature of our course we cover the practical use of your firearm in defense of you, and your family's life. Includes shoot/don't shoot scenarios, defensive awareness, close quarter combat tactics and much more.

Concealed Carry Weapons 2

You now have your concealed carry permit... but do you really know how to defend yourself and your family? This course will give you the drills and skills to effectively accomplish your goals. We incorporate the latest cutting edge techniques to insure you develop the confidence you require in your skills with your firearm.

This course enables the new permit holder to practice in a manner “outside-the-box”. Marksmanship shooting and defensive shooting are two distinct different methods of practice. They do support each other, however quite different. Working with your holster and utilizing your hidden position of your firearm, while using drills that encourages your body and mindset to work together to effectively increase your odds of surviving against today’s evil in the world. You will learn the latest techniques, along with the tried and true, and you WILL develop a greater understanding for defensive and offensive techniques with your firearm.

Close Quarter Defense Tactics I

woman defending herselfA must for serious shooters and those wishing to develop aggressive and effective techniques. The training and tactics are on the cutting edge of modern pistol craft comprised from realistic street and special operations experiences that meet reality. The course aims at reinforcing non-diagnostic pistol manipulation, malfunction clearances, ammunition management, a greater awareness of cardinal safety rules and the combat mind set. Students will employ marksmanship skills from standing, kneeling and prone positions from various guard and holstered positions. This is a physical course!!!

Advanced Firearms/Close Quarter Defense Tactics II

This course is for those who have developed aggressive and effective techniques with the handgun already. No time will be spent teaching you how to shoot, instead your time will be spent learning how to fight and fight up close and personal with your firearm. This course explores the more real-world use of your firearm to defend yourself and your family while reinforcing the use of your surroundings for cover and/or concealment. The training and tactics in CQCT II are straightforward, but most important effective. We incorporate cutting edge techniques of pistol craft while developing he mind set to negotiate realistic scenarios. You develop an understanding for defensive and offensive techniques with your pistol.



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